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    Drink Coasters Set of 6 Packs with Holder

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    • No.:YM0000019

    NON-SCRATCH & NON-SLIP: Need protection for glass or wooden table? This six packs of beverage coasters helps you avoid spillage and furniture surface damage from hot or cold drink. Each coaster back has non slip design to keep glasses from slipping
    SLEEK & FASHIONABLE WITH METAL HOLDER: Place your beer mug, teacup, or any flavored drink on these versatile coasters: Great for protecting wood, marble, cardboard, slate or any type of surface. Includes a cool space-saving stainless steel holder
    4 INCH & HEAT-RESISTANT: Modern soft and flexible coasters can hold extremely hot drinks like tea or coffee without any damaging effects to countertop surfaces. With 4-inch size diameter to fit almost any variety of glassware, cups, and mugs
    GREAT HOUSE WARMING PRESENTS: Easy to store bulk coaster set makes a fantastic housewarming, birthday or wedding gift. Also ideal if you're looking for whiskey sets for men. To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth to clean and preserve their beauty
    EASY TO CLEAN: Using high quality non-slip silicon material to prevent shifting, quick dry can enable re-use immediately.

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